CTO / Lead Dev / Full-Stack Dev - London Startup

We are a pre-seed well-funded London-based startup looking to disrupt the discovery experience of venues and music events. We are looking for a dynamic and autonomous CTO to join the Soundclub's Team in its journey. The CTO will have to own the product development, assuming also all tech responsabilities in the context of a small and unstructured team. Initially, we are flexible and the role can be conducted remotely, but later we require presence in-office. Therefore, availability to relocate is a prerequisite. The CTO will work all time in direct contact with the CEO and Founder, who's involved full-time. We are willing to sponsor a work VISA for foreigners. The platform is well-defined at design stage, therefore until launch the CTO will be particularly focused on managing the development: tech research and platform development (Web, IOS and Android), including third party contractors management. Experience building platforms from scratch in similar roles is required (It is considered a plus a focus on back-end and in related industries like location-based apps/search engines, directories, ticketing platforms, events publishers, marketplaces, etc.). Age doesn't matter, you can be a 20 year old tech wizard or a senior professional. We are looking for a person who strives for greatness and has drive and passion for the craft. We have a flexible, performance-focused mindset, but this is definetely not a 9-5 job and we expect anyone in the team to go the extra mile when necessary, relax when it's not. Depending on profile, we are willing to offer a salary package mix with a £45-55k/Year base salary and 1.0-5.0% equity in stock options. Obviously, operating in the events industry related perks will follow, i.e. free tickets and access to festivals, concerts, etc The CTO must be available to join the team full-time at least from July 2021, before we are flexible. We will contact and present the vision only to shortlisted candidates. We prefer to keep a low profile for the time being. Thank you in advance to all the candidates for taking the time to apply for this role. https://angel.co/company/soundclub-1/jobs/1139356-cto-lead-dev-full-stack-dev

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