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PHP or Golang developer or architect in International project (new office in Moscow)

International project (new office in Moscow) in area of content delivery, advertising and other.With offices more then 10 countries and based in Jakarta. European and asian investors. New office in Moscow from scratch as a startup to reinvent many products for high availability and big data values. Official site http://id.linkit360.com We are searching IT architector or developer in PHP or Golang to start as soon as possible. Requirements: 1 Ability to join project fast. 2 Understanding of high availability systems. (Microservice architecture, PHP7 or Golang, PostgreSQL & MongoDB and etc) 3 Desire to learn, work and see own result fast. 4 No bureaucracy. 5 English. (not mandatory!) Prospects: 1 Small & effective team (4-5 employees) which must became a core team. 2 Ability to become a key person at global project. 3 No risks. Investing will not cut out. 4 Official employment, white salary. Please contact me immediately if you are interested. Email: kirill.goryunov@linkit360.com



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