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Senior Golang Developer

Looking for a Senior Golang developer to work in the company providing identification services. Project description: ID Provisioning microservice. About current implementation: It is written with Golang (1.17 but you are welcome to upgrade it). Runs in a cluster (currently on AWS ECS, but if needed can be changed to AWS EKS). API only (no HTML). Uses Postgres 13 as a DB (with Gorm, but Gorm can be changed if required. Postges can't be changed, but it's version can be upgraded if needed). Listens for events from Kafka cluster. Exposes management API for managing configuration. It’s a multi-tenant service – each tenant is a company with many users within the tenant. Based on input from management API and events from Kafka it modifies data internally and then takes necessary actions. For example, if 10000 new users are added to Box provisioning via config API for a tenant, then the service will accept this request and then will start creating those users in Box asynchronously (because you can’t just synchronously call Box API which will accept creation of 10000 users). Such actions can be triggered by calls to API or by event received from Kafka (e.g. user created/updated/deleted, group created/updated/deleted/, user added to group etc). Tasks: to add new functionality to the existing ID Provisioning microservice. This microservice calls APIs of other services, e.g. Box, Slack, Salesforce and others to create users and groups in those services via API. Currently only Box module is implemented. Qualifications: Experience based understanding of SOLID principles, not just from books, but hard gained understanding of SOLID importance via experience. This implies that the candidate needs to have at least 5-6 years of experience in programming (does not have to be Golang). Very good understanding of Golang, at least 2 years working with Golang recently. Will be a plus: Experience of working with / building distributed services (services that run in a cluster, which do asynchronous jobs processing). Experience writing an HTTP API that works with JSON. Kafka experience. API authentication knowledge. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3161806009/

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