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Part-time Game designer / Product designer at Ubego | side job

web site: https://ubego.ru mobile app: https://ubego.ru/download Ubego is a global platform where authors create scenarios in editor: - excursions - quests - games in real life Consumers buy and participate in these excursions / games with the mobile app. For now Ubego works in 50+ cities and we are expanding globally. In near future we plan to provide AR functions to the authors and customers. Ubego's goal is to have millions of quests so customers are able to run these games every weekend and in most locations across the World. My team and I believe that Ubego will embrace the world because we automatize excursions. It is to the same degree obvious that people will use their smartphone for the excursions as that autopilot will come to substitute drivers. Cheaper, better and making customers independent service will always win. Benefits - We work for 4 years - We have huge repeat purchase rate of 15%+ - We earn money and grow - We have worldwide scalable business model - We are team of experienced and obsessive people - We have great company culture and ambitious goal How we work We work with use of scrum methodology. There are 2 weeks sprints followed by discussing and planning. We are following Lean startup methodology where we actively test ideas. What you will do: - Create UX design and requirements for quest in real life gameplay and editor - Bring a sense of pacing, timing. - Prototype and develop new mechanics. - Adopt modern technologies like AR and audio assistance. - Test quest editor and engine - Create and maintain design documents - Contribute to the overall success of the team through the development of documentation, standard methodologies, and design techniques - Design monetization strategies - Identify the potential revenue drivers in the game economy and outline how they should be maximised - Suggest game design improvements or enhance the customer experience - Build the main progression and economy systems in order to make quests long-term viable products - Validate your gameplay hypotheses through rapid prototyping and team feedback. - Identify the potential revenue drivers in the game economy and outline how they should be maximised - Work closely with the design team to maximise all relevant mechanics within the game - Regularly providing user feedback and price point tuning to the development team based on play-testing, both during game development and post-release - Suggest quest design improvements or enhance the customer experience - Collaborate with team members of other disciplines (e.g. programming) to make needed adjustments to the production pipeline and art assets. Requirements: - Experience with multiple scripting languages, primarily C-style - A strong demonstrable portfolio of personal and/or professional work - Self-motivated, proactive team player with excellent problem-solving skills - Good oral and written communication skills - Ability to communicate concepts in an effective manner. - Three or more shipped games as a level scripter or level designer - Strong game design and communication skills - Familiarity with programming and logic concepts - Drawing skills Strong cross-functional communications skills; verbal, written and visual. - Ability and willingness to give regular art feedback to external partners. - Superior level experience with Excel - Deep, up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play market, both canvas and mobile - A highly-tuned awareness and understanding of gameplay and what makes it work - Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills - Strong econometrics skills and the ability to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data - The ability to formulate ratios and indexes specific to the game, identifying key weaknesses and strengths in its economy design - The ability to formulate effective and innovative selling strategies to improve the financial performance - A passion for gaming / excursions Personality requirements - Highly disciplined. Using task management tools - Good organization skills. - Tolerant to writing documentation - Ambitious. Ready to work hard to earn billions We offer an option - Up to 1 500 000 shares of Ubego (at the moment there are 11 500 000 shares). P shares hourly + dividends. - Workload amount is 10+ hours weekly. You can mix easily with your office job. We are looking for investments nowdays and current company valuation estimated by 3rd party investment manager as for $1 500 000. So it will be hard for you to get to the team. But we encourage you to try! Send CV to join@ubego.ru CV can be in Russian or English language.



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