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Part-time Product Marketing Manager / Head of marketing / Chief Marketing Officer / Business Development Manager | side job

web site: https://ubego.ru mobile app: https://ubego.ru/download Ubego is a global platform where authors create scenarios in editor: - excursions - quests - games in real life Consumers buy and participate in these excursions / games with the mobile app. For now Ubego works in 50+ cities and we are expanding globally. In near future we plan to provide AR functions to the authors and customers. Ubego's goal is to have millions of quests so customers are able to run these games every weekend and in most locations across the World. My team and I believe that Ubego will embrace the world because we automatize excursions. It is to the same degree obvious that people will use their smartphone for the excursions as that autopilot will come to substitute drivers. Cheaper, better and making customers independent service will always win. Benefits - We work for 4 years - We have huge repeat purchase rate of 15%+ - We earn money and grow - We have worldwide scalable business model - We are team of experienced and obsessive people - We have great company culture and ambitious goal How we work We work with use of scrum methodology. There are 2 weeks sprints followed by discussing and planning. We are following Lean startup methodology where we actively test ideas. - We have great IT professionals in team, you need to set up internet sales channels and analytics to scale sales. Skills requirements - Unit economics - Contextual advertising - Online Marketing - Yandex Direct - SEO - Banner ads - SMM - facebook - Instagram - E-Mail Marketing - Social Media Marketing - Google AdWords - Yandex. Metrica - Google Analytics - Increase conversion rate - Lead generation - Online advertising - Marketing Analysis - Brand promotion - Media Planning - Planning marketing campaigns - Copywriting - Developing a marketing strategy - Python - Tableau - Power BI - SQL - Amplitude - BPMN Nice to know - Having experience or understanding of programming and engineering background Personality requirements - Highly disciplined. Using task management tools - Tolerant to writing documentation - Ambitious. Ready to work hard to earn billions We offer an option - Up to 1 500 000 shares of Ubego (at the moment there are 11 500 000 shares). P shares hourly + dividends. - Workload amount is 20+ hours weekly. You can mix easily with your office job. We are looking for investments nowdays and current company valuation estimated by 3rd party investment manager as for $1 500 000. So it will be hard for you to get to the team. But we encourage you to try! Send CV to join@ubego.ru CV can be in Russian or English language.



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