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Software Engineering Intern (стажировка)

Zamphyr is seeking the brave and the curious interns, to help us with a new educational platform for the new world. Internship Program is an opportunity to be part of a revolutionary edtech startup that will change technological education. You will work on open source code projects, build School 2.0, and broaden the vision of universal, free, all available technology education. In the team we breathe JavaScript. Recently, we are also working with blockchain, P2P, Dat, IPDB, IPFS, Linked data (JSON-LD), WebAssembly, new CSS and you certainly will not be bored ... Internship is remote and we give each intern an important part of the ecosystem through the project. Internship is international, and great opportunity to meet new friends from Europe to Tokyo. See our "stack" here: https://stackshare.io/zamphyr See our homepage here: https://zamphyr.com Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/xrX32OvE17PqsX1S2

Марко Кажић (Marko Kazhich)Марко Кажић (Marko Kazhich)


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