Fullstack developer Laravel / Angular in Ubego

Senior Fullstack developer Laravel / Angular in Ubego Project description web site: https://ubego.ru mobile app: https://ubego.ru/download Ubego is a global platform where authors create scenarios in editor: - excursions - quests - games in real life Consumers buy and run these excursions / games with the mobile app. For now Ubego works in 29 cities in Russia and we want to go global. In near future we plan to provide AR functions to the authors and customers. Ubego's goal is to have millions of quests so customers are able to run these games every weekend and in most locations across the World. My team and I believe that Ubego will embrace the world because we automatize excursions. It is to the same degree obvious that people will use their smartphone for the excursions as that autopilot will come to substitute drivers. Cheaper, better and making customers independent service will always win. Benefits - We work for 3 years - We earn money and grow - We have worldwide scalable business model - We are team of experienced and obsessive people - We have great company culture and ambitious goal How we work We work with use of scrum methodology. There are 2 weeks sprints followed by discussing and planning. We are following Lean startup methodology where we actively test ideas. Skills requirements Frameworks: - Laravel - Angular Databases: - MySQL Languages: - PHP - Java Script / Type script - Markdown Tools: - git / code review - Linux Other skills: - Software Architecture design knowledge Nice to know - node.js - React Personality requirements - Highly disciplined. Using task management tools - Tolerant to writing documentation - Ambitious. Ready to work hard to earn billions - Not smoking Offer Up to 1 000 000 shares of Ubego (at the moment there are 10 000 000 shares). You earn N rubles basic salary + P shares hourly + dividends. N and P depends of your influence to the project. Workload amount is 10+ hours weekly. Workload is not regulated strictly. Dividends calculation and payout order Dividends from shares owned is calculated by standard formula of company profit * owned shares number / all shares number Dividends are paid every half year. The payout for past period is conducted on 25 of march and 25 of september. Payout of salary is conducted in ratio 60% of amount on the 25th of the current month and 40% of the amount on the 10th of next month Shares trading You are eligible to sell accumulated shares at any time to external investor or a project’s participants. First order sell offer must go to the project’s participants. The anticipated price per share is 650 rub or more by 2022 year. You are offered for guaranteed shares buyout of amount from 340 000 to 670 000 shares for price of 2.6 rubles / share and amount 670 001 shares or more for price 3.8 rubles / share. This option can be used if: -You have not bought any shares before. -You have not been inactive for 60 or more days You are welcome to Request financial state of the company at any time Participate in discussions on strategy, concrete decisions making Propose ideas and hypothesis to test Conditions of cooperation break If you leave the project, your shares will be spread among shareholders in proportion with their share amount. Leaving project means that you are not completing tasks for 2 weeks without noticing person with management responsibilities. Send CV to join@ubego.ru It can be in Russian or English language.

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