Designer & Frontend Developer at Lobster (Moscow only)

REQUIREMENTS - A minimum of 4 years experience designing digital products and systems, not just websites. - Experience designing experiences for desktops, tablets and phones. - Experience leading user testing sessions and validating design efforts. - Demonstrated ability in the entire product development process, from research and problem solving through to detailed UI and visual design. - Ability to prototype ideas quickly and iterate as many times as needed using tools such as InVision, Framer, Principle, HTML/CSS/JS, etc. - Excellent self-starter who always thinks MVP first, collaborates effectively with engineers, and has the ability to work in an agile and fast-paced team. - Strong communicator and fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Must submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third party. - Proficiency with Sketch app. - Experience collaborating on software projects with design and backend aspects. - Quick learner with an ambitious and results driven personality. - Works well as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. - Flexible working hours / 3 day in the office and 2 day remotely. - Experience with mobile interfaces. - Experience of independent layout in the web. - Understanding the principles of developing user interfaces. - Ability to create functional and understandable sketches, interfaces. - Good knowledge of Sketch / Ps packages. - The presence in the portfolio of completed projects. - Experience in designing interfaces for complex ERP systems and / or solutions for automation solutions. It is necessary to know: - JSX, LESS, CSS, HTML. - ES5 / ES6. - Understand the principles of cross-browser layout. - Principles of optimizing web applications. - GIT, NPM and CommonJS. - Webpack. The tasks to be solved: - Development of custom scenarios, prototypes (mocaps) and interaction logic. - Development of architecture, concepts and design of system interfaces / individual components. - The design of icons, icons and interface elements. - Control implementation of the developed design layouts and interaction with the developers. Assets: Experience using Sketch, HTML / CSS / JS development, experience working embedded in a team of developers, experience working remotely. BENEFITS - You’ll get to work in one of the hottest tech startups in the world right now. - We’ll arm you with all of the latest tech equipment. - Perks include free food, drinks and company socials. - You’ll receive excellent training and guidance from our team. - Be a part of one of our multidisciplinary product teams working on improving existing features as well as creating new ones focusing primarily on front-end technologies. - Create production grade HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, and will have the opportunity to implement solutions designed to handle incredibly high volumes of data. - Create thoughtful and appropriate solutions to design challenges of all sizes by translating research insights into simple and engaging user interfaces which satisfy user needs, business requirements and technical constraints. - Be a part of one of our multidisciplinary product teams to lead the design process, facilitate design discussions and validate product/experience changes and improvements. - Produce engaging experiences using design flows, sketches, prototypes to collect feedback, and iteratively improve and support the design process. - Translate wireframes and experiences into high-fidelity visual composites with attention to interaction design which follow style and brand guidelines. Office in the centre of Moscow (m. Krasnopresnenskaya, co-working KL10CH) Compensation £18K – £22K 1.0% – 3.0% (от 110 000 до 150 000 руб.) Отправляйте CV и примеры работ сюда:

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progy, 22-02-2018 11:09:45
>Илья Сидоров Если вопрос касается только моего резюме, то твои выводы (в том числе и судя по переписке) не соответствуют действительности :). Как я у...
Илья Сидоров, 22-02-2018 10:55:37
Отчего же, все разрабатывают:) результат есть. Просто смотрю, у тебя больше всех наверно просмотров, а ты все без проекта....да и судя по личной переп...
progy, 22-02-2018 01:26:12
>Илья Сидоров С какой целью интересуешься? Ты же набрал на днях на Тимфайндинге целую кучу участников в свой проект... Или не те участники, как обыч...
ZIV Fest, 21-02-2018 23:02:01
верстка расширения хром как портфолийный проект интересно? нам не хватает рук, который смогли бы простой интерфейс сверстать для расширения
Илья Сидоров, 21-02-2018 20:50:48
Сколько берете за работу?
Илья Сидоров, 20-02-2018 18:41:11
Написал вам на почту, а вы молчите:) странно вы ищите себе проекты
Mlexpert, 19-02-2018 18:34:22
Ваши конкуренты , крупные игроки Х5 ритэйл и Сбербанк уже запускают бэта версию .