Full-Stack Software Engineer in a San Francisco Startup

[ ABOUT US ] https://stayd.co/jobs We are a fast-paced funded startup based in San Francisco, California. We are creating a new way for businesses to interact with their customers, focusing on the industry that needs it the most - hotels and hospitality. Our product enables hoteliers to engage with guests where they prefer - over SMS, or existing chat apps. Using sentiment analysis, we turn interactions into visual data that helps managers instantly understand what is happening on their property so that they can make improvements that lead to glowing reviews and higher revenue. [ YOUR ROLE ] You will be a part of the core team, working directly with founders and utilizing modern technology to build infrastructure and user experience across the product. Things we use and love: Node.js, ES6, React, Redux, Immutable GitHub, Slack, Trello We are looking for bright engineers who are: Good problem solvers. Interested in working in a startup and building the company with us. Interested in using latest technology and tools. Passionate about products and are not afraid to make product decisions. Bonus points for: Experience in distributed systems. Experience with modern JavaScript/ES6 ecosystem. Experience with React or React Native. [ WE OFFER ] Opportunity to work in a fast-paced Silicon Valley startup. Equity (stock options)! High salary. We'll soon have an office in St.Petersburg. Until then - work from home!

Ivan Babushkin30-06-2017 11:45:2830-06-2017 11:49:45
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Привет. Посмотри вакансию: https://startupfellows.ru/vacancy/2370
Привет. Посмотри вакансию: https://startupfellows.ru/vacancy/2370
Меринова Елена, 10-09-2019 10:49:06
не вижу контактных данных. куда писать?
06-09-2019 22:54:09
Пиши проще, js =)
06-09-2019 19:24:15
У меня есть подобный опыт. Пиши, пообщаемся.
>an prototype you're mom gay
Каня Андрей, 30-07-2019 23:53:49
udpate Нужны 2 человека: фронтэнд классификатор англоязычного контента(нужные скилы: английский и логика)
Konstantin, 30-07-2019 13:23:54
Вадим, ты дважды причинил боль javascript разработчикам
Александр, 17-07-2019 22:54:35
Посредникам не удастся развести клиентов на деньги и тем более если они мошенники! Сервис будет за этим следить.